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What's KaOs Bot?
KaOsBot is a services bot for IRC based on the code of the eggdrop, it runs on ircu2.10.01 and newer. It was done by Joaquin Grech, KaOsBot was originally done for but it can be found in several networks. KaOsBot is under the GNU license, it is free and you have access to the source code, read the text files with the program for more information.

These are some of the characteristics of KaOsBot
  • Channel record and automatic manage of them, highly configurable, many options like; autoop, autovoice, kick or deop, these are some of the many characteristics KaOsBot has.

  • Compatible with undernet servers ircu2.10.x.
  • Nick server (you can register nicks).
  • Network & IRCop comands, for managing an IRC network. (hack op, gline, etc...)
  • You can link with other bots sharing users and channels.
  • KaOsBot can handle many languages at a time (Spanish and English included by default).
  • Based on the eggdrop, therefore, KaOsBot has its best qualities.

  • Filesystem, you can upload or download files.
  • Highly configurable.
  • It works on most of the UN*Xs and in Windows.
  • Party line and Botnet accessible, for communication with other users.
  • Memo (notes) module, it will let you leave 'notes' between users, even when they're not present.
  • KaOsBot can handle tcl scripts, therefore, you can even improve KaOsBot the way you want, the author kept the compatibility with most of the scripts for eggdrop 1.3.x
  • Still in development, this means that the characteristics list is much longer they will be here soon. :-)

What do I need?
Since this is not a normal bot, but a services bot, you will need the following:
  • A P.C with any UN*X Operating System or Win32
  • ircu2.10.01 or better
  • TCL library 7.6 or better(8.0p2 recomended)
This is a beta program, so don't expect not to have any trouble with it, but anyways, it's still stable enough to be considered seriously as a service bot.
The configuration is quite easy, and compilation even more, just read the README files included and put the c/n/h/u lines in the ircd.conf
There is a mailing list for KaOsBot, send an email to and type on the body: subscribe kaos
You will be subscribe to where you can receive up-to-date information.
The author of KaOsbot is Joaquin Grech (creative1) visit his webpage if you want more information about him.
This section is made for all of you, the victims for the ups and downs of KaOs, the mail list readers. Whitout you all I would never have had the patience to keep going with this proyect.

Special thanks to:

  • José Domenech (Loop) Translating the commands and some scripting.
  • Gremmly For Translating the commands and his unconditional help during the beta stage of KaOsBot.
  • Joseluis and Juanito For their help in the beta stage of KaOs Bot, and their constant help in the network.
  • Mazinguer For his patience and giving facilities to put KaOsBot on his server to do the final tests.
  • Sombra He never liked the way KaOsBot was made, KaOsBot has many of his corrections.
  • To all the eggdrop team, for their excellent job developing the eggdrop, without the eggdrop KaOsBot probably wouldn't exist.
  • To all the network users for their direct or inderect help in the creation of KaOsBot.
Download it now!
KaOsBot 1.0.0b8.2 for un*x (Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, AIX, etc)
KaOsBot 1.0.0b8.2 for Win32 (95/98/NT)
The windows version includes the necesary dlls. If you need the source of the dlls write to me and I will send it for shipping and handle price or if you prefer, you could get them for FREE in Cygnus

Download ircu (Undernet irc server)

ircu for Win32 (95/98)
ircu for NT (Windows NT)
ircu for un*x (Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, AIX, etc)
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